The U.S. and Imperialism

Respond to the following question using 3 or more sentences.  Remember to defend your answer with SPECIFIC and RELEVANT facts.  In order to get full credit for this assignment, you must give your response as well as make educated comments on 3 of your peers’ responses.

Determine the validity of the following statement (how true is the following statement): “U.S. Imperialism had more positive effects than negative”. 

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  1. i agree with melvin the united states had positive effects that helped other countries be influenced to how the u.s runs their govenrment.

    i see eye to eye with nina its true what she states though…the united states might’ve gained more control but most of the time the effects were negative and caused consequences that were not easy to resolve.

    i agree with anna by the united states creating the open door policy it did help other nations who were in need, which really didn’t make the united states seem as a greedy country.

  2. U.S. imperialism had more positive effects than negative because without the help of the U.S… the other countries may have never gained their independence. The U.S. later annexed some overseas land. Some of the land that the U.S. gained is still governed by local officials. This land helped diversify the U.S. economy. such as eith Cuba and the which protected them from european colonies.

  3. I agree with Esteli ,she add a good fact about U.S imperialism that they again Canal and overseas from other countries which help them with U.S ships importations of goods, which was beneficial for the U.S.

  4. i have to agree with you on what you said ANNA LOPEZ.the reason is because you identified the..”The Open Door Policy in China, With this policy both sides benifit from it. It halped other countries survive by interfering when war broke out.” which is very a good point by so far..

  5. i have to agree with tyanna f. well you catched the very by far most the imporntant and fair way too respond to the question..with..”The US imperalism did have more positive effects than negative effects because it had economic, political, and social benefits for both sides.”

  6. i agree with the Fortuna Abebe, when she says that
    the U.S. conquered main lands that were very critical for both economy and politics. U.S imperialism has owned a lot fand and power

  7. i agree with the Fortuna Abebe, when she says that
    the U.S. conquered main lands that were very critical for both economy and politics. U.S imperialism has owned a lot land and power

  8. i would have to dissagree in the way johanna responded by,”United States started growing as a powerful nation and became an empire. U.S. imperialism had more positive than negative effects, because many countries were benefit from U.S imperialism like Cuba and Panamay saying, ” which u have to see the truthfull way it realy did was a benefactor.

  9. United States had more positive than negative effects. United States had become a major world power and was well respect; they remain world power till this day. After United States helped Cuba with the Spanish-American War many Latin America such as Panama felt that United States could help them gain their independence. Throughout United States support Panama gains its Independence and gave United States the right to build Panama Canal with U.S. control to make traveling easier for soldiers and items. This positive outcome remains till this day and helps today’s live easier to travel.

  10. The US Imperialism had more positive effects than negative. Economically, the US opened up new business opportunities for themselves through imperialism. Business leaders were able to open up new markets and expand their customer base through overseas trade. As well, looking at this from a practical perspective, the effect of US Imperialism helped them to compete, economically, with the rest of the world. As Henry Cabot Lodge put it, “”small states are of the past and have no future … the great nations are rapidly absorbing their future expansions.” This quote helped to portray how the imperialism was a good thing for the USA since it helped them to keep up with the rest of the stronger nations instead of being just another weak country.

  11. I like that Tyanna states the Monroe Doctrine helped protect European Nations from retaking weaker Latin American Nations. Wilson had just the same idea of the foreign issues as James Monroe. These protected nation gave wealth in retain.

    Jessica makes a good point to list the great outcomes of the Imperils, which without the American Imperialism Cuba or Puerto Rico would’ve gain freedom. And United States wouldn’t have been a world Power.

    I like that Nina shows that she oppose the ideal of Imperialism “we were often as bad as their previous rules”. After the Philippines have gain freedom from Spanish, American influence in the Philippines grew. Where they have rebelled from to U.S. to gain their freedom, a fight broke out and U.S. put down the rebellion. We were no different from the previous rules.

  12. I agree with Tyanna F. when she talked about the several different positive effects of USA Imperialism. Not only did the USA intervene in other countries and help them out, the USA also acted as a “police” and protected all of the Western Hemisphere.

  13. I like the points Jessica J. mentioned. USA imperialism helped build international relationships between USA and other countries. As well, the building of the Panama Canal benefitted not only the USA but other countries as well because they could use it to improve their trade.

  14. I agree with Karen C. US imperialism helped not only the USA itself to develop as a country, but it also helped other countries to develop and gain their independence, freeing them monarchy rule or dictatorship.

  15. Alright, I’m absoultely agaisn’t the mindset of imperialism, especially in most cases as such in this one, bigger and powerful nations occupying the smaller nations in order to fill thier own greedy soul. We may give any names and our own satifactory reasonings, but the truth is that Imperialism is unfair to those smaller nations. War against revolt in Phillippines is a great example of such happenings where smaller nations doesn’t want any other nations intereferring in thier business. We promised to give Phillippines thier own independece yet we end up ruling their economy and business matters. We break our promises for the better good of the nation and yet we deplete thier resources and say we’re helping the weak out, its called misuse of power.

  16. i like to point out how liannet has said about US helping Panama out to gain thier independence from Colombia. Well what I like to think of it as US causing revolt in Colombia in order to bulid the Panama Canal which US desperately begged Colombian gvernment, which they refused. I don’t think the US would even be involved for the “better good” of Panama if it wouldn’t have been for their own personal interest, Panama Canal.

  17. I see how Baradia had pointed out the Monroe Doctrine, which I think was completely unfair. It kept the Europeans away from Latin America but yet it didn’t mention any role or thier positon on imperialism in Latin America.

  18. I notice how Tarikh had pointed out the US imperialism as a postive effect on imperilizing nation since the US was helping the nations out to stand on thier feet. How was it helping when your fighting war in their lands and they tell you to leave yet you don’t? Other methods could’ve been used to help out thier governments instead of occupying the enitre nation and later annexing it.

  19. Although some may think that imperialism was negative because it went against the u.s’s principles, it was a positive effect in the countries the us.s imperialized. It economically, socially, and politically helped these countries. For example, it helped all of the countries (CUba, Philippines, Panama, Hawaii atc) gain their independence. Yes it’s true they occupied of the territories, but they took with them democratic ideas. They also traded and this economically benefitted the u.s and the mentioned territories. A good example is the Philippines, the u.s took control and helped them build a democratic government, build schools, and an effective infrastructure. Overall, imperialism was good because it broght more benefits than negative things.

  20. chrismd I think that the u.s made the Panama Canal its property because they felt that since they had helped Panama gain its independence they could get something in exchange. It was unfair that the u.s just took it as theirs and felt that they were entitled to own it.

  21. I agree with adrian romero. If the u.s had not helped these countries gain their independence, maybe they would have never been free. They would still be somehow under the rule of the spanish or have a monarchy. So it was good that the u.s interfered with this countries and helped them.

  22. I agree with anna lopez comment to Liannet. Imperialism did not only benefit the powerful country, it also brought benefits to the small territories, for one thing they were independent and were growing economically thanks to the u.s.

  23. Nancy turcios basically summarizes the positive effects of the U.S imperialism. I like how she mentions the many details that made up the big picture. For example it was a smart idea to mention that the reason why US was in Cuba was to protect the nation and help it gain independence from Spain, and not for its economic and military interests.

  24. Imperialism, particularly in United States was positive an evident can be American imperialism in Panama, due to the ideals of democracy and the pursuit of happiness prevailed plus it also plays a role in present day Panama. As Spain’s brutality increased United States came in between as a protective barrier to the small nations like Cuba, Philippines, Latin America, Panama and etc. As Monroe Doctrine was already been signed by James Monroe, but after some time changes were made in this treaty and due to those changes United States would be able to help all those smaller nations like Latin America that may need US help. A considerable example may include, United Stated used this power to help Panama gain back their independence from Spain. Although it was bargain that if United States would help Panama gain their independence from Spain, then Panama would give them a piece of land, which is now known as Panama Canal.

  25. I think Melvin Rodr approached the idea of imperialism with a modern view. In this modern world we all think imperialism is horrible. And yes i do agree that the results were successful.

  26. U.S. Imperialism had mostly negative effects. Although U.S. had my benefits economically, socially. Taking over other nation would have possibly brought battles and revolts. As when Philipines revolted for its independence, U.S. handled the situation by brutally destroying the villages and herding civilians into prison camps. How can this prove U.S. imperialism had posotive effects?

    I agree with Monica Bowling when she states “will cause conflict amongst the territories taken and their imperialist counterparts. There are rarely any countries that willingly allow themselves to be taken over.” It is true that no country or nation wants themselves to get ruled by another country.

    I agree with Elaine Barnett regarding the civilians death. As apparently it causes many deaths and revolts which gains nothing but death of civilians.

    I also agree with Brenda Serpas when she expresses that U.S. helped philipines to get independence from Spain and then instead U.S. treated philpines harshly and many deaths had to pay the debt of that.

  27. i belive that imperialism in the united staes had more of a positive effect than negative. this helped other small countries in need and i think it was good because helping is whats right. the us helped cuba and all their struggles facing other countries and trying to empower them. it was also an economic benefit for the us because the they can travel faster to make more money faster for example the panama canal was a great benefit because then the time for travel would be less time consuming

  28. I agree with nabeel 100% that though imperialism had a great and positive effect upon the US and other nations, it also had horrible side effects. For example, death of many citizens should not be paid for worldly power or economic advancement.

  29. i agree with jehili, this was a big benefit for the us and also for other countries that were in need of help for independence. and the sharing of the idea of democracy also helped other countries be more liberal.

  30. i agree with bisma, all these things have an advantage given to them all because of the us if it wasnt for the imperialism some of these countries wouldnt be the way they are today

  31. I agree with Jehili, that many people may think that imperialism was negative due to the reason that it was against the US principles, but when you take this part in consideration that it helped many smaller nations which is positive effect then those negative effects doesnt seems that big of a deal.

  32. i agree with tyanna, the united states’ imperialism helped and benefited both sides the us and the other countires that were involved. thee us had many positive effects that helped themselves and the other countries.

  33. I agree with soofia that “when Philipines revolted for its independence, U.S. handled the situation by brutally destroying the villages and herding civilians into prison camps” but you should take this in consideration too that it also helped many smaller countries like Cuba, Panama and etc.

  34. i agree with anna lopez since its true the open door polocy did help america have more powerto keep china to trade with other nations.

    i also agree with hussein because america did help alot of the latin american nations to gain there independence, which benefit rhe u.s like the panama canal.

    bilal i agrre with you since, you right america was treating the latin america countries the same way britan did to them, and they help them out to but jst so they can have more control over them.

  35. I agree with Stephanie that US helped many small countries in need and that is one of the most powerful point because helping the ones in need is the greatest thing one could ever do.

  36. i believe the statement that imperialism did more possitive than negative impact because ther wore more countries that they dint know how to depend on themselves or how to create a government that you sit their needs. like cuba who after gaining independence they wore left with the people to govern yet it craeted a pendenomium in the region . therefore the u.s intercept to help the cubans prosper while they get up and created a stable govrnment. impereilism it dint ment to create an empire over other well being but to help others in need like u.s did for other small countries who needed thehelp from a big nation like the united states.

  37. i saw imperialism as a good thing rather then a negative affect, because the more land the U.S. gaings the more advance and powerfull it will be and like the U.S did it help counties in power and resources (cuba). So having more power and becominq am imperialism country is a good thing.

  38. i agree with jehili because the u.s did help the philippines to have a more estable government and to be more powerfull,,since they dint have any governent.

    i have to disagree with Dure-Neha,because i believe thatif it wasnt for the u.s to help this smaller nations they wouldnt have gain their independence.

    i gree with nabeel when he said that the u.s woulnt have been the nation it is today since imperialism did help the u.s gain more power and to have more connections with other countries.

  39. I agree with Jehili, for the reason that imperialism was a good thing and that even do the U.S. was gainig lot of power it was still helping others in need from smaller countrys.

  40. i agree with adrian romero comment becasue as the U.S was gaining power it was becoming stronger which led to the U.S helping cuba get their independnce from Spain, if the U.S wodnt had help Cuba who knows what would of become of Cuba.

  41. i also agree with Jennifer Gill becasue she also mentions how the U.S. was helping Cuba gain their independence from the Spain and the lead to the annexation of Puerto Rico Philippines and Guam. Which leads to Imperialism wasnt such a moral and wrong thing for the U.S to do insted it was a good thing to do, if the U.S hadnt done so who knows what would of become of the smaller countrys.

  42. I like how Ana Lopez said it “Giving and Giving back”. The U.S. helped or colonized a nation to get something back from that particular place. The U.S. said that it will help them gain their independence but end up taking over.

    I agree with Bilal when he said the USA helped gain Panama independence for their own gain, but disagree when he said that The U.S imperialism had more negative effective. Actually the U.S. became a powerful nation because of imperialism. It conquered some key landmarks in the world. This helped the nation to be economically powerful.

    I agree with Hussien, The U.S. gained respect after it helped Cuba. Other Latin American countries trusted that the U.S. would do the same thing, but the U.S. basically used them.

  43. U.S. Imperialism had more positive effects than negative, the United States helped Panama to gain its independence from Columbia and helped them overthrow the dictator Noriega and restored Democracy. And it has helped them maintain liberty. Benefit them with the Panama Canal, that would also would benefit the United Sates in trade because it was a good passageway between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. And the United States has also maintained freedom and democracy in Puerto Rico. U.S. helped them economically and politically.

  44. I agree with bisma nasir about what she says about the United Statesbeing positives wiht Panama

  45. I agree with Stephanie Beltran when she talks about the U.S. helping small countries in need.

  46. But I also think Soofia Farooqui has a good point.

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